Sarah Norris’ love of babies began from a very early age. The youngest daughter of five children with four older brothers, her mother fostered many new-born babies and Sarah got to be ‘mummy’s little helper. After leaving school, Sarah trained as a Nursery nurse and then worked as a Nanny, combining the two to finally enrol with an agency to be a Maternity Nurse.

“I’d never heard of the job before but I gave it a go and realised that I’d found my niche,” she says. “And I have happily stayed a Maternity Nurse ever since.”

Sarah Norris has spent nearly twenty five years supporting families with new or young babies aged from newborn to six months. “I see my job as making myself totally dispensable by the time I leave, I’m not there to rescue them…I’m there to guide and empower them.” Living in their family home from a couple days to up to a few months, Sarah supports mothers by giving them time to recover from the birth, often helping with feeds and establishing a routine. Sarah also assists parents on how they wish to care for their baby and offers advice on different parenting methods/styles that will suit them and their circumstances best.

Over time Sarah discovered that the usual ‘one size fits all’ approach to babycare couldn’t work when every baby, parent and family dynamic is different – which is what inspired her to write her unique book ‘The Baby Detective’.

“I help parents read their baby’s personality so they can meet the child’s needs quickly and easily using the appropriate techniques at the appropriate times. I also teach them how to wind and swaddle properly, how to cope with colic, reflux, sleep problems, illnesses, travel, buying and using equipment as well as methods for integrating their baby with siblings and pets,” she says. “My primary aim is to teach the parents as much as I can, make them effective and competent, and to give them the confidence they need to enjoy their baby.”

Sarah Norris’ work has taken her all around the world, including working with celebrity parents such as Sienna Miller and the Guiness family, but when she’s not surrounded by babies she can be found in her little cottage in the Cheshire countryside writing, catching up on lost sleep, gardening, playing with her cats or tending to her beautiful Friesian horse.

The Baby Detective is out March 2017, published by Orion Spring.



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