Baby Care Advice from Birth to 6 Months
Welcome to Babyfriend where I aim to help as many new parents as I can by passing on information, strategies and sneaky tips I have learnt and developed during my 22 years as a Maternity Nurse.

I strongly believe that there is no ‘one right way’ to care for babies and that you should find the parenting style that best suits you and your baby so, to that end, I try and make my advice and discussions applicable to everyone, anywhere in the world.

Everyone is welcome here, whether you want to breast feed, combination feed or bottle feed, have a strict routine or no routine, follow baby-wearing or attachment parenting, whether you work or stay at home,  no one should feel alienated or excluded so look around, make yourself at home, check out my blog and if you can’t find what you need let me know and I will try to help 🙂 x

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